·       To improve academic and administrative performance of the college.

·       To prepare students for diverse carrier in the various fields.

·       To create students centric atmosphere for learning.

·       To develop sense of social responsibility among students through extension activities.

·       To improve the quality of institution by analyzing the feedback from the stakeholders.

·       To promote research oriented atmosphere in the institution and to motivate faculty for to do good research.

·       To aim for quality enrichment and social service through institutional best practices. 

IQAC Initiatives 

Organizing Legal Literacy Camps in nearby Villages and NGO 

Special Lectures on POCSO Act and Women Empowerment 

Organized free Legal Camp in College

Organized Eco Tour for students 

Organized Law Day, Human Rights Day, Constitution Day, No Corruption Day, Women Day 

Organized various online Seminar and Conferences with various Departments